Tuesday, September 20

no sew whale pillow

So while we are ready and prepared for the arrival of our new addition (at least with the necessities) I have now been taking a little time here and there to craft a few more things for her room. I mentioned last week in this post that the colors are blues and greens and the theme for her room is the ocean (of course). I've been adding just a few pops of the theme here and there and I decided I wanted just one ocean pillow to add to the cozy couch/bed in her room- and it had to be a whale pillow :)

I started by sketching out different whimsical whales for practice and I liked them so much that I decided that to use both.

Next I lightly drew a larger version of each whale on a scrap piece of light weight raw canvas

and using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint I painted the whales with color and just a little bit of shading.

Last, I added a some detail lines with black fabric paint

and then cut them out.
So even though I have a new book all about sewing, there are times when even I don't feel like sewing or times when I want something a little quicker. This was one of those time and I grabbed a bottle of Aleene's Fabric Fusion fabric glue.

I actually already had a brand new pillow that I purchased for the great graphic fabric design that I had set aside to be the backdrop for this project a while back- you could certainly whip up a handmade pillow but again, I was looking to cut a few corners in this project (I'm really busy right now!!)

I used the fabric glue and a paint brush and spread the glue generously on the back of each whale and then applied to the surface of the pillow and let dry.

And voila! I have the perfect accent pillow to add to the cozy couch.


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