Thursday, October 20

Glitter Polka Dot Halloween Glitter Shoes

Today I had a blast filming a fun and spooky Halloween craft segment for K-See 24 here in Fresno! One of the projects I showed how to film on air were these super cute and sparkly POLKA DOT GLITTER SHOES! I'm not sure what I love more, polka dots, glitter, or shoes, so I was thrilled that I could combine all 3 for a funky pair of kicks to wear as a part of my Halloween wardrobe!

OK, I have a little secret!! OK, a not so big secret. All you need to make these fabulous shoes is 3 things! Yep, just 3! Grab a pair of black shoes (mine are Mossimo brand from Target), a box of Aleene's Tacky Dots (available at Michaels), and some Tulip® Fashion Glitter in the color of your choice! There are three sizes of Aleene's Tacky Dots (3/16", 3/8" and 1/2" inch). You can also get Tacky Dot Lines if you wanted to do stripes instead for a fun Tim Burton-esque look!
You simply put the dots on the shoes in a random polka dot fashion, then sprinkle glitter on over top. Shake the glitter off and you are ready to go!!

Here's a closeup of the toe! Glittery fun!

I can't wait to dress up a pair of jeans or wear them with my favorite strip or lacy tights for the season!

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Craft on!


Krista said...

What a great idea! Your post is the top article in my E-Newspaper!

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