Tuesday, January 24

How-to: Iron-on Glitter Toddler Tee!

I missed posting an iLoveToCreate project last month because I got a little distracted by a rather big DIY project of my own (more projects relating to my newest muse in the coming months, but in the meantime...). I recently attended a little boy named Caleb's 2nd birthday party and was inspired to make something -- something superhero-inspired for a super little guy! And since I'm obsessed with these iron-on glitter sheets, how about some fun, sparkly T-shirts?

-Stencils and other household objects to trace

-Ballpoint pen

-Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets
-All-purpose scissors
-Toddler T-shirt(s)
-Pressing cloth

Make it:
1. Select a stencil and trace the parts of it onto the desired color glitter transfer sheets. (Silver for the body of the rocket ship, purple for the star decal, blue for the stripe and the flame. Extra stars in blue!) Alternately, trace household items (like different size bowls, jars, tupperware lids, bottle caps, etc.) to create basic shapes like circles and rectangles.

2. Cut out all of the shapes and peel off the top layer of plastic before arranging the shapes on the front of the shirt.

3. Use the warm iron and pressing cloth to press on one piece of the design at a time (so that none of the pieces shift accidentally as you're applying them). Iron on any sleeve decorations separately so you can lay that portion of the fabric flat when you're working on it.

4. Then fold them, wrap them, and tie a ribbon in a bow...

5. ...and gift them to a cute little toddler you know!

(Caleb's mom reports that he loves wearing them, and points often to the sleeves, identifying the "stahs.")

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Craft on!


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