Tuesday, July 3

DIY Muslin Hair Scarf

Recently I chopped off my hair (like over 12 inches), and I've been playing with some different hair accessories.  Do you know those muslin swaddle blankets that are all the rage right now?  They are really lightweight and have a bit of stretch to them.  Well, I thought that same fabric would make the perfect hair scarf.  Why?  Because it's super duper light weight (making it cool and not hot),  it doesn't shift around like a silky scarf, and it has enough stretch to make it comfy.

I made a couple versions.  The first was neon, since neon is everywhere right now and the second was more neutral.

Muslin (a.k.a. cotton gauze) can be purchased at your fabric store, but it doesn't usually come in a lot of colors and I couldn't find any prints.  Enter Tulip fabric markers.

But let's not put the cart before the horse.  Here are the sewing details.  I purchased 1/8 of a yard which was $.87.  I took it home and cut it to the size I wanted, leaving room for seam allowances.  I folded over the edge twice and sewed it.  This fabric tends to stretch so I set my tension lower to accommodate that.  

If it's a little wavy when you're down don't fret.  It'll be fine when you stretch it to tie it on.

For the next step, you can really just doodle and have fun.  I used Tulip Fabric Markers in neon.  They don't make the fabric stiff and they are easy to use.  I usually hold the fabric tightly with my left hand and draw with the other (though you can't see that below because I'm holding the camera in now hand).  I changed up the colors as I went.

For the more neutral scarf I used Tulip's Big Phat Fabric Markers.

I love using these like a stamp.  You can make "X's" or a checkerboard pattern or a brick pattern like I did here.  I kept a plate under me to make sure I didn't color my table.

I made the neon scarf shorter and wider to I could just knot it.

I made the neutral one thinner and longer, so I could tie it in a bow.

So, for 87 cents a piece and a little coloring fun you've got a new, fun look.

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