Tuesday, November 6

Superstar Bag

Today's tutorial is a simple way to congratulate someone in your life.  I made this "Superstar Bag" for my boys, to get out when they've done something special or worked really hard at something.

While I don't really shower my kids with gifts, I think even simple things can be a gift.  I might grab something in the dollar bin that they might like, and then when there's a reason to celebrate I can put it in this bag and hang it on their door.  It might be a pair of socks I thought they'd like or even a book.  

To start, I sewed a simple cinch sack from some extra fabric I had.  (I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here.  If you want a great detailed tutorial on how to sew one, check out THIS one from Dana.)  If you don't sew, you could use any simple bag.  

After the bag was complete I took my Tulip fabric marker and wrote "You are a superstar" all over the bag again and again. 

Then I cut out a star from my Tulip glitter transfer sheets.  I love these because you can do glitter without the mess.  Just peel off the top layer, place a cloth over the glitter, and iron it on.  That's it.

Then I used some old shoelaces for the strings.

I explained the idea to my boys and they were super excited about it.

They can't wait to see it hanging on their door one of these days. 

What do you do to celebrate little accomplishments? 


Marion said...

Awesome idea for little gift bags for the holidays. Thanks for sharing! xo

JoJo said...

Great idea. Sometimes stuff like this makes me wish I'd had kids.

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