Tuesday, February 12

Converse Shoe Makeover

I have two boys, but I'm now expecting a little girl.  I've been looking through my boys' old clothing and shoes to see what I can convert to girl clothing for the baby.  These little red converse sneakers have been through a few boys in the family.  I decided to try and "girlify" them for the baby so she can wear them one day too.  It was a quick, easy project.

I started by removing the old laces and scrubbing the toes to get them a little cleaner.

Then I got out my Tulip Glitter Bond and some Tulip glitter.

I used a little sponge to apply the glitter bond.

Then I shook on the glitter.  I pressed it on with my fingers and shook off the excess.  I used my fingernail to make sure the edge was really clean along the black line.  The glitter covered the dirty toe really well.

I added some ribbon I already had for laces and called them done.  If you're wondering how well the glitter will stay on, I can attest that it stays on really well.  I made THESE SHOES a long time ago and they held up really well.  (If you scuff your toes a lot them you could always reapply some extra glitter if necessary.)  

And there you have it - from dirty, worn out boy shoes to clean, cute girly ones.  Thanks for stopping by.

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