Thursday, March 21

Art Journaling With I Love to Create

I recently read that Smashbooks are like the anti-scrapbook. I kinda agree and I kinda think that is why I love them. Traditional scrpabooking, though lovely, seems very rigid at times. I like the idea of a book that is part art journal part scrapbook and a pinch of Project Life. If I want to iron on a flocked Crafty Chica sugar skull applique to the pages I can and it fits right in.

When I was done with the iron-on there was still residual flocking that I painted hot pink and used as a stamp. I eventually mounted the sheet and added it to my Smashbook too. I never realized how many items from my I Love to Create arsenal could applied to my journaling.

Speaking of Crafty Chica, Kathy's paint makes appearances in my journal. I did an ombre effect using purple and white on some foam letter stickers. A technique I leaned from Dear Lizzy. I used the background to frame out a mural my sister and I painted for I Love to Create.

An acid free glue stick like Aleene's is this crafty ladies best friend. I use it to stick pictures, postcards even hamburger bags to my journal.

Tulip Glam It Up Crystals are found all over my Smashbook. I use them as earrings, badges and tiara accents on photos. Anything that comes already sticky is a friend of mine.

I've used Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets on robot onesies & Christmas decorations, but I think I may love using them as sparkly background paper in my journal most of all.

Why would anyone use plain decoupage medium with something as fun as Sparkle Collage Pauge exists. Glitter makes everything better including leftover Valentine's Day napkins from Target. A coat of Collage Pauge sticking them to sheet music and my own funky paper was born.

All the Aleene's Dry Adhesives are perfect for Smashbooking. I have been running through Tacky Dots, Tacky Sheets and Tacky Line Runners like they are water. That reminds me I need to get some more! They are great for doing things like turning pieces of fabric into quick appliques.

So there you have it. A sneak peak into my latest crafty obsession. How do you use I Love to Create projects in your paper crafts? Wanna see more of my Smashbooks? Check out my week long series of sneak peaks into typography, paper making and using fabric.

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Taylor Bara said...

This article would change a student's life forever!

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