Tuesday, March 12

DIY Baby Onesies

All of my babies have been due in the spring/summer and I love that I can put them in just a onesie during the summer.  I bought a pack of onesies the other day and thought it would be fun to decorate them a little.  Here's what became of them.  All were made with fabric paint - no sewing involved.

They were all pretty easy and fast to make and they'd make a fun shower gift.  Here's how I made each one.

For the faux-cross stitch heart I found a little pattern online and printed it off.

When I slipped the paper under the shirt I could see the pattern just enough to use it as a guide.

Then I took my Tulip slick fabric paint and made "X's" on each red square.

The 3-D texture of it makes it kind of fun.

The "Hi. I'm new here" shirt was just a freezer paper stencil I made.  (If you've never tried freezer paper stenciling you can watch my how-to video HERE.)

And lastly, I used an eraser to stamp dots on the last onesie.

I switched it up a little by using three different neon colors.

 And there you have 3 one-of-a-kind onesies with not too much work.


Unknown said...

So cute!

Raul Wint said...

That’s a great site you folks have been carrying out there. onesie

Crazy Onesie said...

Totally awesome post i am really so inspired from your blog keep it continue.

Animal Onesie

Haya Al Msaddi said...

hi! thats beautiful! does the tulip stick wash out?

Anndrea Marchand said...

Can you tell me the names of the puffy you used for heat and send me heart pattern

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