Friday, March 8

Make Your Own Easter Themed Window Clings

Each holiday involves window clings around these parts, Easter is no exception. I usually buy a set from Target or Walmart, but this year I decided to make my own.

I have seen this project done before using Tulip Slick Paint, but I opted for Scribbles.

Vintage Embroidery Pattern
Scribbles Paint
Wax Paper

If you wanted to get really technical you could add internet, printer, paper and ink to that supply list. I love Doe-c-Doe she always has cute things and vintage embroidery patterns. You might recall that I have a thing for using embroidery supplies for projects that do not involve embroidery. This blog post is no exception. My daughter recently received a kit to make your own window clings that inspired me. Her's involved some thick paint, a waxy see through sheet of paper and patterns to trace. Hmmm, my creative wheels started turning.

I printed out a pattern from Doe-C-Doe that was a rabbit on roller skates. Perfect for Easter and it also matched my roller skate bookends. I put a sheet of wax paper on top of the image and stuck it in a clip board. Next I outlined the image in black paint and waited for it to dry.

Once the black paint was dry it was time to fill in with color. Let me warn your that the paint takes 24 hours(ish) to dry. In other words this project takes 48 hours. I filled in the black outline with various colors of Scribbles paint. Make sure the paint is thick enough to color the entire picture.

I put my window cling on a mirror, but he would also look spiffy on a window with the sun shining through. I put the cling on the wax paper in the freezer for a bit first. Once the cling was cold it peeled right off the paper and onto my mirror.


Unknown said...

What a cool idea! LOVE this!

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