Wednesday, May 8

Make a Tie Dye Flower Fascinator

You may recall the tie dye t-shirt purse I made just the other day.  There was a fair amount of leftover fabric, so I decided to use it for another project.  Waste not, want not! It's so easy to make these fabric rosettes using Aleene's Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick sheets.  This would be so pretty in black and white with a rhinestone brooch in the center.  I love women in hats!  This is a great way to dip your tootsies into the hat wearing pool without feeling like Eliza Doolittle at the races.  Yes, I'm on a mission and so far, I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Who knew tie dye could be so chic?
You will need
Tie dyed cotton fabric strips
Coordinating feathers
Silk or fabric flower in contrasting color
Neutral color felt
Wire or plastic headband
Aleene's Tacky Glue
1.  Trace and cut felt circle and cut a smaller felt oval.  2. Cut fabric into 6 strips (about 1.5" wide and 10" long). 3. Place felt oval and circle on Peel and Stick Sheets, peel off backing.  You may need to use more than one sheet to cover felt. 4.  Fold strip in half, start your rosette in the center of the felt circle by pressing strip edge down on adhesive and winding fabric in a spiral. 
5.  Keep winding, adding new strips as you move along. 6.When you get to the edge, wrap final strip around bottom of rosette to conceal. Use a little Aleene's Fabric Fusion tape here! 7.  Place headband on center of flower.  Attach the oval felt section over headband to secure flower.  8. Add a dab of glue to the end of your feathers, slide under the oval felt and press.  Allow to dry.
9. Use Fabric Fusion sheets to attach a smaller silk or fabric flower to the center of your rosette.  I love the bold contrast of this citron yellow against the softer blue and green. 10.  Press down to secure flower.  
Would you wear a fascinator?  What color palette would you choose?  Do tell!
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