Tuesday, May 28

Tie-Dye Hawaiian Onesie

Summer is here and it is time to start sporting your hula skirts and/or Hawaiian shirts. Last week I showed you how I tie-dyed Tallulah's hula skirt, this week I wanna show you what I whipped up for Baxter. Boys can get into the spirit of the luau too, just you wait and see.



Tulip One-Step Tie-Die Kit

Floral fabric


Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Tape

If your onesie is brand new you will need to wash it first.

The Tulip One-Step Tie-Die Kit comes with oodles of rubber bands and an easy to follow diagram about how to bind your onesie to get your desired pattern. I went for the twist into a shell shape.

Once your onesie is bound with rubber bands it is time to apply the dye. I went with a rainbow effect adding a different color to each section of the 'pie'. Allow to sit overnight. The next morning wash according to package directions.

I wanted to add a lei to the onesie to tie my Hawaiian theme together. Like any red blooded mother, I love it when my kids match. I chose a floral cotton fabric.

The next step is to cut out enough flowers to make a lei. Using Fabric Fusion tape attach your flowers to the onesie in the shape of a necklace.

All that was left to do was slap this new outfit on my cutie pie of a son. I think he looks ready for the luau. What about you?

As always thanks to my crafty mama Fredda Perkins for all her help!


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