Saturday, June 22

Glittered & Dyed Shorts

Sometimes I get in moods where I just want to cover everything in glitter. If not covered, then at least trimmed, right? When I dyed these shorts, I felt like they needed some pop - more "wow" - hello, glitter! I know you're thinking - will the glitter wash off? I used Tulip Glitter Bond as my glue. I'm sure it will fade after a few washings, but all you have to do is touch it up and you are good to go, these shorts will always look as good as new!

Paint brush
Cotton shorts
Pant hanger with clips
Hose with spray nozzle

 1. Wash your shorts, leave them damp. Add water to the dye bottle and shake. Set the shorts on a plastic tablecloth and spray at the bottom.

 2. Well, I changed my plan. I decided instead of spraying the shorts, I wanted them to look dipped. Therefore I switched out the top of the bottle to a tip instead of the sprayer. I hung up the shorts using a pant hanger and dripped the the dye in an even row along the shorts. This gives it the dipped look. Drip, dip, it's all the same, right?

3. Let them set for six hours, then use the sprayer to remove the excess dye. This will prevent the dye from getting on the white part of the shorts. Spray until the water runs clear. Put on the plastic gloves that come with the dye and squeeze out the water and any remaining excess dye. NOW you can wash them in the washer on cold. 

 4. After they are dry, iron them and create a crease at the bottom of each leg. This will give you a nice, crisp guideline to add the glitter!

 5. Paint on a juicy layer of Tulip Glitter Bond and then pour on the glitter! Tap off excess. Do this for the front and back of each cuff. You can also do the belt loops too!
Let dry for an hour.

And here you go - ready-to-wear! To wash, turn inside out and wash in cold water. Hang dry. If your glitter fades after a couple washings, simply repeat the glittering process!

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