Tuesday, June 11

No Sew Embellishing

Embellishing clothing is such a fun way to personalize things.  However, even if you don't sew there are still lots of ways to embellish clothing.  All of Aleene's adhesives can help you get that hand-sewn look without even picking up a needle and thread.

Here are a couple of ways I embellished some onesies without sewing.  For the first onesie (pictured above) I got out some lace and Aleene's Fabric Fusion.
I ran a line of fabric fusion down the sleeve and another line parallel to it since my lace was fairly wide.  I pressed on the lace, allowed it to dry well, and it was done.
While I did sew to make the hat, I actually used fabric fusion on the hat as well so that the petals on the flower wouldn't flop around or fall downward.
On another onesie I pulled out some leather I had, a Tulip fabric marker, and Aleene's Peel and Stick Sheets.
I cut a small heart out of the leather and used my Tulip fabric marker to create stitch marks.
I traced the heart onto the peel and stick sheet to cut the adhesive the same size as the heart.  
Then I peeled off the backing and pressed the heart onto the shirt.  Done.
You could even add a name right below the heart with the fabric marker for a personalized look.
So what will you embellish next?

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