Thursday, July 18

Home Goods Fabric Covered Ottoman Hack

I spend way too much time in Home Goods. Like the cashiers know me by name. Recently they have had a lot of fabulous items from India that have been catching my eye. Case in point, this ottoman. Problem was the ottoman is $70. The rugs are $7. I kept thinking their had to be a way to make my own version and I was right.


Aleene's Tacky Glue

2 Rag Rugs


Gold Spray Paint

Square Ottoman
As luck would have it I came across a plain Jane square foot stool at Goodwill for $4. Ya, I spend way too much time thrifting too.
My first thought was that I would paint the ottoman with Tulip Fabric Paint. Though the paint covered great, I wasn't feeling it.
I decided to go shopping and blow the stink off as my mother says. There at Home Goods were those amazing ottomans again. Suddenly I knew what I needed to do. I grabbed two matching rag rugs for $14 and headed home.
Dosen't everyone have a 1 gallon jug of Tacky Glue in their craft arsenal? They should.
As luck would have it my rugs fit perfectly on 2 sides each. If yours do not you will need to measure and cut accordingly. The first thing I did was actually spray paint the legs of my stool gold. When the paint was dry I used a sponge brush to cover one side at a time with Tacky Glue.
One side at a time I glued, covered in fabric and then trimmed. My rugs were taller than my ottoman so I used scissors to trim the tops.
I used the remaining strips I had cut off to cover the top of my stool. I had two long strips that I cut in half and attached with more Tacky Glue.
The last thing I did was add some jumbo gold rope trim around the edges. I love the way the ottoman looks and can't wait to find a spot for it in my new house.


vintage honeybee said...

I love when you find the perfect items to make a craft like that. It turned out great.

Anonymous said...

I just watched your video of the things in your home. You had Burt's picture! My mom had that picture tacked over her dryer when we were growing up. When she was in a rehab hospital I used to visit her and hang things on her walls, sometimes Christmas decorations from 50 years ago or other things she saved. I found that Burt Reynolds picture(not nicely framed like yours)And hung it in her room. She was the hit of the floor. Everyone stopped in to see it.

jen said...


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