Friday, August 2

Make your own rolling stamp

The best art is oftentimes the one without any rules, that's why this technique using a lint roller as a rolling stamp is so cool!  It's fun and experimental and you can great for creating abstract backgrounds for your mixed media and fabric paint projects!  Kathy a.k.a. Crafty Chica introduced me to this technique through her Quick Tips video she did below. The most awesome thing about this creative stamp is that you can a wide variety of stamps for under $2...what a score!

What you need:
– Sticky peel lint roller (you can get these for a dollar at the Dollar Tree)
– Fun foam shapes in various sizes
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
– Paper plate
– Foam brush

Kathy shows you above how to do this printmaking technique. After I watched the video, I was inspired to try it myself.  I had so much fun getting messy with the paints. I actually decided to roll the brush in the paint as opposed to paint each foam piece. It was faster for me, but a little more messy.  I don't care, though, It was a lot more creative that way.

Here's what it looked like as I rolled the stamp out onto a t-shirt.  I really got into it!

Doesn't this look like crazy fun? I kept rolling, rolling, rolling, then started to layer the stamp on top of itself. It was such a distressed effect.  I decided to add some black paint and cover the entire front and back of my shirt...

These colors are definitely girly and rocker chic.

Here's my finished basic shirt.  I think it would be cool to now cut it up and create a cool altered t-shirt out of it.

What do you think...would you want to try this technique?


cal8007 said...

I love your tip! I will definitely use this technique - thanks for the video! You are so glittery fun!

Carmen L

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

I am going to share this with my students...cute idea, girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

So smart! Never thought of using lint roller. Thanks for sharing!

unknown said...

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Farhan Ali said...

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Anonymous said...

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michaelarrington said...

That sounds like such a creative and fun technique! Using a lint roller as a stamp for creating Tunnel Rush abstract designs with fabric paint is a clever idea.

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