Wednesday, September 11

DIY Feather Painted Pumpkin

I have become obsessed with foam pumpkins over the past few years.   I'm not alone, as pumpkin crafts have taken off on the internet!  They're so much fun and so simple to DIY.  Every different technique and treatment lends a totally different appeal.  This feather painted pumpkin is the perfect companion to the Goth Glam projects I created last year.  You'll have a blast using feathers to paint these bold graphic strokes, a technique you can use for fabrics, shoes, furniture and get a very chic mid-century modern inspired effect.  Try using different sizes of feathers and different colors of paints.  You can use this technique to make faux marble as well with a little more squiggling of the feathers.  True Craft Confession: I initially planned to accent the ridges with only the black sparkly ribbon, but I ran out mid-pumpkin and the gold chains came to the rescue.  I think they work here nicely, but you can opt to use all black instead.

 You will need:
Off white hollow foam craft pumpkin
Fluffy feathers
Gold chains
Black sparkly thin ribbon
Small gold beads
Gold headpins
Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters
Step one: Squeeze out a small amount of gold paint on a craft sheet.  Gently slide the edge of your feather into the paint.  Sweep the feather across the pumpkin diagonally, repeating this process working from side to side until you are pleased with the effect.  Step two: Repeat the process with a second feather using the black paint.  Take your time and be mindful not to overdo it.  You want to leave some empty areas for contrast.  Step three: Let your pumpkin dry completely before moving on to the next step.  Step four: Use Tacky Glue to attach ribbon to every other pumpkin ridge.  Add a small bead of glue from top of ridge around to bottom center of pumpkin.  Press ribbon into the glue holding firmly with a fingertip as you press it down to the bottom.  Cut excess ribbon straight across.  Repeat until you have ribbon in every other ridge of your pumpkin.  Let this dry.  Step five: Cut your chain lengths to fit open ridges using chain nose pliers.  Slide a small bead on a head pin.  Slide this into one end of a chain.  Use chain nose pliers to slide pin into pumpkin securely.  Repeat for top and bottom of each chain.  If you are having trouble with the head pins, you can use a sharp pin to get the holes started or opt to use sewing pins.
I love arranging my DIY pumpkins in groups for some spooky chic!  (You can learn how to make the netted pumpkin vase in this Three Easy Pumpkins tutorial.)  I'd love to see what you do with this feather painting technique, so be sure to share pics on our Facebook page!  And don't forget to stop by DIY Doyenne for more DIY fashion and style! 
Happy Hauntings,


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I pinned this. I love the sophisticated twist!

Anonymous said...

That's cruel to use feather, have a heart.

Margot Potter said...

Thanks, Eileen!

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