Monday, October 28

23 Tacky Glue DIYs that are so not TACKY!

As the makers of Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, we absolutely love seeing what bloggers and DIYers create with our most famous adhesive!  We've scanned the web and found some of the most fab DIYs using Tacky Glue. Many of these are great repurposing projects that are easy to execute and are clever eye candy for the home and to wear.

1. Crafty Corks Tray from iLoveToCreate
2. Mini Birthday Marquee from Crozette
3. Recycled Roses Wreath from Alisa Burke
4. Pajaki Chandelier DIY from A Beautiful Mess
5. Doily Purse DIY from Sincerely Kinsey
6. Ruffled Lotus Lantern from Aunt Peaches
7. Peter Pan Collars from Scarves & Cookie Dough

8. Felt Flower Scarf from Watch Me Daddy
9. DIY Crepe Paper Flowers from Creme De La Craft
11. Fabric Decorated Coffee Cup from Everything Etsy
12. DIY Milkglass vase from Design for ManKind
13. Photo Strip Bow by Swelldesigner

14. Crafty Cans from iLoveToCreate
15. No-sew Camera Strap from Sugar & Cloth
16.  Paint Chip Artwork from The Great Indoors
17.  Fabric Hanger DIY from Shop Ruche
18. Glitter Stir Sticks from Sugar & Cloth
19.Yarn-wrapped Letter by Wip Kits
20.Magazine Rosette Topiary by Crafting Mom
21.DIY Mosaic Jar Art from Melissa DiVietri
22. Rope Dome Pendant Light from Sarah M Dorsey Designs
23. Yarn Wrapped Vase from Wedding Party App

So which project is your fave?  There's so many cool ones to choose from!

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