Tuesday, October 1

DIY Glitter Polkadot T-shirt

One of my very favorite Tulip products is the fashion glitter transfer sheets.  I think it's so cool that you can easily put glitter anywhere without making a big mess.  The transfer sheets made this glitter polkadot shirt really easy to make.

To make this tee you'll need:
– a plain t-shirt
– a paper punch of your choice
 I wanted to see if I could use my paper punches on these glitter transfer sheets and I was so excited when it worked.  It saved me a lot of cutting time.  I punched a sheet's worth of polkadots and laid them aside.  (Tip: Depending on how old/sharp your paper punch is, it may cut really well or it might cramp up a bit.  If it gives you trouble, just put a sheet of paper behind the glitter sheets so that you're cutting through both layers.)
 I made sure I had enough dots to cover the shirt.  
 I placed them where I wanted them, working from the bottom of the shirt to the top.
 To make them adhere to the shirt, you simple cover them with a thin cloth.  (I use a pillow case.)  Then you iron them on.  It's so simple.
 I also cut some of the polkadots to fit by the neckline, so the pattern was consistent.  The shirt can be worn alone, or it makes a cute, neutral layer for warmer weather.
It would be fun to try out different shapes if you have different paper punches.  I could see stars and it would be fun to add them to leggings too.


gummybearmama said...

Love this idea! So sweet and simple!

Anonymous said...

like this a lot. keeps the glitter mess gone. I am not sure what to look for when I shop for the glitter sheets.

Unknown said...

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Michelle said...

I just found this on Pinterest. I have actually wanted to do something like this for a while! Where did you find the glitter transfer sheets?

Shelley said...

I googled the brand you can buy them here. http://www.ilovetocreate.com/store/product.aspx?productid=362

Swapna said...

This looks so great!! I wonder if I could pull this off.... !

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