Monday, October 21

DIY Tribal Print Tee

Hi! I'm Lauren, I do freelance designer for iLoveToCreate.  I was recently challenged by the iLoveToCreate design team to come up with a cool, altered t-shirt that started from a basic store-bought t-shirt!  I LOVE a challenge, so I whipped out my scissors, men's t-shirt, and my Tulip Fabric Markers and went to town making this cute tribal t-shirt that looks like I got at Forever21!  I LOVE being able to  DIY the hottest looks and fashions and I'm super excited about the outcome. Here's how you can get the look!!

What you need:
– Men's grey t-shirt in your size, 100% cotton
– Sharp scissors
– Masking tape or painters tape
Cut collar off shirt
Lay your shirt down so the shoulder seams are even with each other and cut another 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the collar.
Cut a slit in the sleeve up to the shoulder seam and tie the two sides together in a small knot.
Do the same to the other sleeve.
Cut the bottom hem.
Fold the shirt in half.
Start cutting 2 inches up from the bottom of the front of the shirt, and slowly cut a diagonal line down the back of the shirt.
It will be slightly longer in the back and look like this.
Insert a t-shirt form and tape vertical lines at the top of the front of the shirt. You can vary the width and length of the taped sections if you'd like.
Now here's the fun part, with the Tulip Black Fabric Marker start drawing arrows in between the taped sections.
Draw the arrows going in different directions, varying thicknesses. Throw in a few different simple shapes every once in a while. There's no wrong way to do it!

Do the same on the back of the shirt. Tape vertical sections and color in with arrows again.
Remove tape and marvel at the tribal print you just drew! 
 Here's what it looks like before and after.  I love how you can make a bulky men's tee look so cool!

Remove tape, thrown on your new shirt, and head out the door, preparing yourself for the barrage of compliments about your awesome tee!


Stacia, Paper Swallow Events said...

So, so fun! Definitely easy and achievable and super cute!

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