Thursday, November 7

Easy Beaded Moccasins Tutorial

When I was a kid I wore lots and lots of moccasins  and  couldn't be more pleased that they're back in style. But when things are "in" they are also often "expensive". I wanted some too cute beaded moccasins but since the price didn't agree with me, I decided to do what I do... I DIYed a pair on the cheap.

For this project you will need :
inexpensive moccasins (get online or in a super store)
multi-color seed beads
string and a needle
Run a good foot of string onto a needle and slide a bead on. This one will be our "stop bead" preventing the ones will will be using from sliding off so color doesn't matter. Tie the string in a knot or two to keep the bead in place.
Run some beads onto your needle, then down the string to the stop bead.
Beads in a multi-color bag tend to be cheaper than individual colors. For some projects the mixed up colors would be a hassle, but not with this one. Save yourself some cash and buy the much cheaper mixed bag.
String several inches worth of beads on.
Take your Fast Grab Tacky Glue and run a thin line around the inside of the toe of your moccasin. If you have a flap or tassels you may need to move them out of the way for now...
Keeping your beads on the string, apply to the glue. Push tightly on the string to make sure there are no gaps in between the beads. Trim the string so that there is about an inch left on either side. Do NOT try to remove the string.
Continue the pattern by gluing down your string of beads in the color pattern you choose. If you have a hard time getting the glue where it needs to be, use a skewer or a toothpick to help push it in the right direction.
As you continue to add beads the curve of the toe will get sharper and you'll need less and less beads on each string to cover fully.
Things might get kind of wonky toward the end of the project (or the middle of the toe) but just work it as best you can. In the end these guys will be kind of busy and a little extra space won't be too noticeable.
Allow the glue to dry FULLY and then trim away the excess string on either end. This will help keep our beads in place even if we didn't get one bead perfectly glued down...
The glue will dry clear and no one will be the wiser that these aren't sewn on.
And that's all there is to that! You can pretty well use any version of the Tacky Glue, but I prefer the fast grab when dealing with little things that can easily get away from you, like beads.

If you're down for a few more shoe makeovers (and a whole lot more!) I hope you'll check out my blog Dream a Little Bigger. Thanks so much for reading!


Hafsa M. said...

What a great idea!

Allison @ Dream a Little Bigger said...

Thanks so much, Hafsa - I hope you'll try it yourself!

Stacia, Paper Swallow Events said...

These turned out super cute! I'm loving moccasins so much right now.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

wtf are those as someone who is native these aint no mocs

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