Monday, January 6

Sparkling Sweatshirt DIY

 A few years back I was working on a new logo with my mother who is an amazing graphic designer.  One of the ideas we were exploring was using my brand name letters around a collar like a necklace. I loved the logo, but ended up going with something else.  Still, that idea of letters forming a collar stuck with me.  Flash forward to this week and a sweatshirt I scored at Target for under six bucks on clearance.  It's so soft and comfy and made of recycled plastic bottles, so it's eco friendly to boot!  I loved this sweatshirt hack from Crafty Chica, so I decided to work a little crafty magic using Tulip and Aleene's products, creating a virtual collar and bracelets.  I love how this turned out!

You will need:
Black sweatshirt
Flat Back Faceted Plastic Gems
Parchment Paper or Old T-Shirt Scrap
Tooth Picks
Tweezers (optional)
 Decide how large you want your letters to be.  I started with an 's.'  Use your first letter to help size the next letters the same height and width.  I also planned out my crystal placement first.
Carefully peel plastic backing from letters.
Start with the R in the center and work out as you go.  Iron the letters on using parchment paper or an old t-shirt between the iron and the letters so they don't overheat and melt.  Check them to be sure the letters are fully attached.  
Add glue to gems and attach to shirt.  You can use a toothpick to apply glue and a second one to press the gem down and secure it.  You can also use tweezers to lift and place the gems.  Add gems around the sleeves to give the look of bracelets! 
That's it!  Fun, fast and fabulous!
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