Monday, January 27

DIY Neon Friendship Bracelets

Neon is making a comeback and these DIY Neon Friendship Bracelets are one cool way to add some serious color to your arm candy and they have a bit of sparkle!  
OK, so neon is on it’s fourth or fifth come back. But, this time there are so many new and creative ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe without looking completely ‘80’s dayglo! 
These bracelets so quick and fun to make you’ll want to make lots and that’s good because they look amazing stacked together and don’t forget to make them for your friends too!

Leather Cord

step 1
Cut your leather cord long enough to wrap around your wrist a little more than 2 times. I cut mine 21 inches long.

Get the ends of your cut cord wet and wiggle them back and forth to soften them up. This will make it easier to tie them and will also help your knots hold better.

step 2
Wrap your cord around into a circle and tie one end around itself in a knot.

Pull your knot tight but still loose enough that it can slide on the leather cord.

Tie your second end around the other side of your circle.

You want your bracelet to be large enough to fit over your hand but you should be able to tighten it to fit more snugly on your wrist.

You can trim any extra cord on your knots, but be sure to leave about a half inch. You don’t want to cut it too short.

step 3
Using your Tulip Slick Neon Fabric Paints you can create fun patterns and designs on the leather cord.

TIP: Make sure your bracelet is open to a size that will fit over your hand when you paint it, otherwise your paint won’t let your knots slip to let you open and close it.

step 4
Before your paint dries you can add your Tulip Glam-it-Up Crystals to the paint.

Let dry.

Or you can add your crystals directly to the leather cord using your glue.

Let dry.

Mix up your colors and add lots of sparkle to these bracelets! These would be great to make with friends and share when you’re done. Because you can never have too many friends or friendship bracelets!

To see more fun fashion DIY’s be sure to check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom!


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