Monday, May 26

Spray Dyed Scarf DIY

Happy Memorial Day! Today’s the official unofficial start of summer, so to get in the spirit and get the summer started I created a fun Spray Dyed Scarf that can also double as a beach wrap or light cover up. Using Tulip’s Spray Dye Kit it’s easy to get great color, add some stencils and you can create cool patterns.


step 1
You can use a ready made stencil or create your own. If you make your own be sure to use a heavy cardstock or thicker paper like a watercolor paper or bristol board. 

Draw your stencils on your paper and cut them out. Keep the inside too, you will use both for your scarf. I drew starfish, basically rounded stars. 

step 2
Layout your scarf on a flat surface. Be sure to use a drop cloth or put paper underneath as the dye will bleed through.

step 3
Mix up your dyes. 

TIP: Put about one inch of hot water inside your bottle, put the cap back on and shake it really well. This will mix up all the dye powder and keep it from getting up in the nozzle and clogging it. 

Once all the dye powder is mixed add more water to fill the bottle.

step 4
Lay your stencils on your scarf. I started with the negative space stencils (the cardstock that I cut the shapes out of). 

TIP: Put some extra sheets of paper around the edges of your card stock and to cover your scarf as you spray to get a clean design.

Repeat this over and over until your scarf is covered with your design.

step 5
After I sprayed the first set of designs, I went back and used the center from the stencil that I cut out and sprayed over it to give the white starfish with the subtle color on the background.

step 6
Let your dyes dry.

Wash your scarf according to the directions for your scarf.

I hope everyone has been enjoying this long weekend, and it’s not over yet! There's still time to create and have fun! 

To see more fashion DIY tutorials check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom.

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