Thursday, October 30

10 Crafty Ways To Support The #TealPumpkinProject

Every Halloween after all the trick-or-treating I have to take my kids candy away. It sucks, but they are used to it. I typically open a 'Halloween Store' where the kids pay me candy for a toy. This way nobody feels cheated. Plus there are always a few pieces of safe candy that pass my inspection and the kids get to eat. I have to do this because my son has a severe peanut allergy. Imagine if this year when we went trick-or-treating we stumbled upon a slew of teal pumpkins on doorsteps alerting me that this house gives out food allergy friendly treats. We could come home with a bag full of tattoos, bracelets, stickers and I could close down the store. A girl can hope right? This year FARE has started the #tealpumpkinproject and I have 10 crafty ways to inspire you to jump on the bandwagon this Halloween.

The rumors are true: you can decoupage anything, even a pumpkin. Grab a bottle of Collage Pauge and get busy with some fabric scraps. I cut my scraps with pinking sheers and used vintage mix-matched teal scraps for a retro look.
I have a confession: I did not make this pumpkin, Target did. However, it would be super easy to make yourself with some Tacky Glue and teal Tulip Glitter.
Speaking of glitter I did make this polka dot pumpkin. Using a round brush dipped in Tacky Glue I made dots. While the glue was still wet I sprinkled on teal Tulip glitter.

I had to give the obligatory melted crayon pumpkin a spin. I think my kids had the most fun helping me make this one.

It was time to let these tights go. Was I really ever going to roll up to kindergarten pick-up sporting these? I think not. They look better on a pumpkin than they ever did on me.

Pompoms make everything better, even pumpkins. Tacky Glue as many little puffs as your heart desires.

I don't knit and I'm not a big fan of crochet, but I can yarn wrap like a boss. Tacky Glue plus teal yarn. Bam.

I adore the new Crafty Chica papers, especially the teal ones. Crafty Chica plus Collage Pauge equals true pumpkin love forever. Oh and of course some Vickie Howell yarn.

The next best thing to pompoms in the craft world is ricrac. With some Tacky Glue you can spread the zig zag love to your pumpkins.

Last but not least consider chalk paint. Some people may not be familiar with the #TealPumpkinProject so use the chalkboard as an opportunity to let people know what it means and spread the gospel about food allergy awareness. You can also download and print handy dandy signs from FARE. So this Halloween please consider kids with food allergies when choosing what to handout. Have your Snickers, but paint a pumpkin teal and have a few bubbles or plastic fangs to handout too!


Dreaming of Vintage said...

I love every, single one of those pumpkins!

Kristen King said...

So glad to see this post. Halloween is a nightmare for my son who is allergic to wheat and milk. We always do something fun, but even this year he was invited to a party and doesn't feel safe with allergies isn't fun, but hopefully in the future kids won't feel so left out! Thanks for doing your part!

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