Tuesday, December 9

Easy Holiday Infinity Scarf.

 I love to put something warm around my neck when it is cold outside.  Making  a inexpensive scarf out of a tee shirt is the best way to be creative and have a different scarf  everyday. Tulip Glitter Transfer Sheets come in all different colors and are quick and easy to use, and if  there is  one thing I do not have right now is loads of time. This project took me about 30 minutes  to complete.
These would even make great gifts.

Things you need.
  1. Large T-Shirt
  2. Scissors
  3. Tulip Transfer Sheets
 Cut your shirt about 12 to 13 inches wide.
 Cut your Tulip Glitter transfer sheet into strips then into different size triangles.
 Place them glue side down on your scarf.
 Place a thin scarf over the triangles and with a dry iron iron on the triangles.
Flip the scarf over and do the same to the  other side.
 The only thing that is  left to do now is to wear it or wrap it up for that special someone.
Have a Beautiful Day.
Lots of <3!


Razzledazzlestyles said...

OMG!! Thank you!! I will make one of these, Looks like fun :) Have a sweet week :) xo

I_Love_My_Skin said...

Can you use the top half for anything? That would be AWESOME!!!!

WobiSobi said...

XXOOO Thank you

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