Tuesday, January 20

Silly Frames for Silly Photos


If there is one thing my family is good at it is refusing to take a serious picture. We have no pictures where we're all politely smiling with our hair and makeup done and Sunday clothes. We have pictures where we act a fool or just have fun. So I decided to bling up some silly frames for some of these silly pictures with Clear Gel Tacky Glue!

Grab your bottle of Clear Gel Tacky Glue and your box of bling. If you don't have a box of bling gather sequins and rhinestones and glitter and buttons and all sorts of fabulous and bling-y stuff!

These frames came from Walmart in a package of 2 for $2. Since we're embellishing the glass, we aren't ruining our family photos. AND if you get frames with glass panes, you can scrape off your fancies when you decide it is time to swap out photos!

Here is silly pic number one. That's my dad. Actually, more accurately that's my dad making binocular eyes with his hands. This pic was snapped in the middle of a play session between my very normal father and a white boxer named Lolly.

I dug through my stash and found a rhinestone star. Perfect!

Using Clear Gel Tacky Glue, so that no glue would show over the photo, I started sticking down some rhinestone bling to doll up that tree behind the weirdo, erm... my father.
A few rhinestones and this picture pops!

Next I grabbed a photo of "the mask". I don't know why but this mask was revered in my family and we have all worn it at one point or another. I remember my sister riding around on her tricycle wearing it in the living room and even I got in on the action while jumping on my parents' waterbed (hello 80s!)

I thought about glittering up the lips but that would detract from the awesomeness that is this mask. So instead I applied Tulip gold sequins all around the edge to pull focus in on this furry, tusked beauty.
And now I have a pic of my Momma hanging out in the kitchen in "the mask" all blinged out!

It was a big deal when my oldest nephew turned 1. He got his own cake that he was allowed to trash and smash and eat like a dog. And let me tell you, he did. This sprinkled cutie was amped up with just a few multicolored, sprinkle sized rhinestones. 

Now a cute picture is even cuter!

I used to love bowling. I was even on 2 different leagues! And one day my family decided to head into a tiny town and bust out the big balls. One was thrown high in the air (accidentally while granny bowling, mind) and we had a great time. Since I've always loved this pic of my youngest nephew showing off his bright orange bowling ball, I decided it needed some of his favorite stuff in the whole world... Glitter and lots of it.

Draw on the glass where you want to embellish...

Sprinkle your glitter on AND LET IT STAY for several minutes or until the glue seems to be dry.
Scrape away anything that glued down in the wrong place. I used a pair of junk tweezers to help me clean stuff up.

Look at that blinged out ball! Munchkin loves hanging out with his family and loves glitter. I'm sure this will be a big hit especially because he also loves looking at his cute self.

I think the most fun part was digging through family photos to find ones that looked like I could glam up. There were several that I would have loved to use but didn't lend well to the project at hand.

Now I have some silly family photos hanging out in some silly frames to make me smile!

If you loved this post, please check me out over at Dream a Little Bigger! Until next time :)

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