Tuesday, February 3

Temporary Furniture Makeover

Sometimes you don't want to spend big bucks on furniture. I was pretty sure that I wanted a black TV stand but I wasn't positive about it. Rather than spend tons of money on one, this one came from Walmart instead. It's nice looking and does its job but it's starting to show signs of wear, most of which is incurred when my nephews visit! Wanting a change but not sure what I wanted (again) I went with a temporary design solution using Aleene's Repositionable Tacky Spray that only cost me TWO BUCKS!

For this project you will need:
Wrapping Paper (yep, like for gifts!)
X-acto Knife
Masking Tape
Gift Card or Scraper Tool

Here is the bad boy in question before. From a distance it doesn't look too bad but ...
Get up close and there are some serious signs of abuse. This particular blemish is from an adhesive fake mustache. My nephews and I were pausing the television at key points and placing the mustache on the screen so that, say, Jennifer Love Hewitt would have quit a bit décolletage AND a big ol' hairy 'stache. It was awesome.

But at the end of the day the mustache was stuck onto the TV stand where it peeled up the cheap-y laminate beneath. It's been this way for a while but thanks to the genius of one Miss Alexa Westerfield I had an idea of how to update this worn piece!

For this project I pulled from my stash of $1 gift wrap I snag out of the Target Buck Bins. 

Grab your tape and cover up anything you DON'T want glue to be on.

Also is a good idea to cover up fancy stuff like TVs and maybe the floor (mine is being replaced soon so I didn't even bother).

Spray the glue directly onto the surface. Can you see how above the can the top is cloudy? That's the glue! Spray your panel down gently (you don't need tons) and give it a second to get tacky.

Roll out your wrapping paper onto the area and stick as you go. It would have made a lot of sense if I ran the edge of the paper along the edge of the TV stand but I couldn't get it straight for the life of me!

And this is where things get FABULOUS! I totally jacked this side up so I just peeled it up and put it right back down again but smoothly this time!

Use a scraper or a credit card or whatnot to shove the paper into the corner (if necessary). Go along after with your knife and slice in the corner to trim up.

After trimming use your tool or card again to seal down the paper securely. Pull up any tape that is no longer necessary or just leave to remove at the end.

The edges are even easier to trim up. Just run the knife along the side of the piece and you're good.

Ooh, and totally don't cheap out and use a crusty old blade. You need a nice, new sharp one for crisp cuts and edges.


Continue everywhere you want to cover using the same method as above.

For drawers you can either remove them entirely and work on them, or if you're like me and can't figure out how to remove the dang things just work with them pulled out as far as possible. Remove hardware and give your piece a good clean before you spray your adhesive...

And using the already straight edge of the paper, follow along the top of the drawer.

Trim up and put the hardware back on!

If your piece is a color, like mine is black, you can use a marker to cover up any scratches on things that haven't been covered with paper.

And there she is! I'm pretty darn stoked about the results! The paper is a bit busier than I had really thought and the pattern made it kind of difficult to just slap on. I had to try and match things up as well as possible (and sometimes utterly failed).

To be honest, again, I think the sides might be a weensy bit too much. But the good news is, this is all totally temporary! I can pull it off in a few weeks or I take it off tomorrow!

Since I always have these supplies and tools already on hand I kind of feel like this makeover only cost me the paper. And since I used 2 rolls from Target's buck bin, that's all I'm counting. Check out my $2 Temporary Furniture Makeover!

For more projects from me head on over to my blog Dream a Little Bigger to see what I've been up to!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Very clever. I have a few misc pieces I've picked up at auctions and yard sales. I know just the one I'm gonna try this on. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Very clever!

Unknown said...

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Queens Arts and Trends Corp said...

What you do for office furniture , if the scratch on it is very big or deeper than normal?

Fatima Furniture said...

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