Tuesday, March 10

Peekaboo Shamrock Tee

 About 3 years ago I made a off the shoulder Heart  Peekaboo shirt for Valentine's Day.

I thought using this same idea I could make a Shamrock shirt.
I added a few  Tulip Crystals to the Shamrock Shirt  to give it that extra sparkle.
If you follow me at all you know that I am continuously trying
 to reinvent the plain old tee shirt.

Things you need

 Two Shirts
Tulip Crystals 
Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion
Take your stencil,
 *I made mine out of paper and I covered it with contact paper.
Trace around it using your chalk.
Draw lines like the picture above.
Carefully cut your Horizontal lines
Cut a square of the green tee shirt to fit the shape of the shamrock.
Turn inside out
 Place the green piece of material 
over the shape and pin it into place.
  Sew around the edge and down the middle of each strip you cut. 
This will hold everything into place.

Trim the extra material away.
Turn right side out
  Use a little Aleene's Quick dry Fabric Fusion on a tooth pick.
Place the Fabric Fusion where you would like the Tulip Crystals to be.
Put your Tulip Crystal on top of the glue and press down.
 Place the crystals where ever you want.
I put a cluster of three.

 Let dry for about 24 hours before washing. 
Wash in cold water and hang dry.
 Now you have a new shirt for St Patrick's Day.
Have a Wonderful Week.
Lots of <3,

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