Thursday, April 23

No #lilyfortarget No Problem - Make Some No Sew Knock Off Napkin Pillows

So you didn't get up early enough on Sunday to score any #lilyfortarget Worse yet maybe you did get up and still didn't get anything. No Lilly, no problem. I was not about to swashbuckle my way through that sea of pink obsessed eBay reselling pirates. I instead had my eyes on some napkins, ball fringe and a bottle of Liquid Fusion. I slept in late Sunday and still got some rad 60's inspired outdoor pillows and you can too.

– Cloth napkins or placemats
– Pompom fringe
– Clothespins
– Pillow inserts
– Scissors signs
First things first you need retro looking cloth napkins or placemats. Mine are by Vera Neumann and I found them at Tuesday Morning. Most stores have their tropical summer napkins on sale so find yourself some that tickle your fancy. After that you need ball fringe. Lilly Pulitzer is all about the colors, patterns and the ball fringe. Next thrift some pillows in the right size. Donate back the cases and steal the pillow inserts for your new pillows. All that is left to do is grab some glue and scissors.
The first thing I did was lay my napkin flat and add pompom fringe to all four sides using Liquid Fusion Glue.
Add another thick layer of glue to three of the four sides of your napkin. At this point the glue will be going on the pompom fringe. Place your second napkin or placemat on top and use safety pins to hold together. Allow to dry overnight.

The next day stuff your pillow insert into your new pillowcase. I like to buy pillows at the thrift store and steal the inserts because it is so much cheaper. Glue your last side together and hold together with clothespins again. Allow to dry overnight.

I was most disappointed by not scoring any Lily for Target outdoor home goods. I was dreaming of that hammock, umbrella and throw pillows around my pool. I eased my pain with these fun pillows. I think I might love them even more. One thing to keep in mind is my inserts were down so I have them on the couch under covering on my patio. They would not do well in the elements.

I've got two packs of placemats, a bag full of ball fringe and a bottle of glue just waiting to make more pillows for the rest of my patio furniture!

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