Tuesday, April 28

Tie-Dye Wrapped Necklace

TiedyeWrapNecklace generation-t.com
This quick and easy accessory heralds in a Bohemian springtime. It's the perfect project to use any failed tie-dye attempts on -- or you can tie-dye a whole T-shirt or piece of fabric and host a party! (You can make at lease 10 necklaces from one large T-shirt.) This particular version is directly inspired by the Fabric-Covered Bead Necklace from The Jewelry Recipe Book by Nancy Sorian0 -- substituting in T-shirt fabric (of course) whenever possible!

Plain white T-shirt (or similar)
10 wooden beads (5/8") with large holes
Fabric scissors
T-shirt hem scraps (optional)

PREP: Tie-dye or spray die plain T-shirt fabric. Let it dry completely. Then cut a 1"-wide strip of fabric from the bottom of the T-shirt (cut off the hem, and then cut off and discard the stitching). Cut it in half and stretch the pieces out to use as the necklace cord and ties--or select a scrap hem in a complementary color from your fabric stash.
Measure and cut a 4" x 12" rectangle of tie-dyed fabric--it doesn't have to be exact, and edges can be somewhat jagged. Cut one of the T-shirt cords (see prep) into twelve 4" pieces.
Lay the tie-dyed fabric flat on your work surface. String one bead onto the long T-shirt cord, and center the bead top-to-bottom about 1/2" from the end of the edge of the tie-dye fabric.
Wrap the long edge of the fabric around the bead, making sure that the fabric fully covers it. Pinch the fabric on either side of the bead, and tie it in place (single knot) using the 4" T-shirt strips.
String on another bead, and repeat, tying off the fabric after each bead.
Continue until all ten beads have been placed and secured. Make any adjustments, then turn each single knot into a double knot and tighten it.
Trim the ends of the 4" ties. Optional: Dab the knots with fabric glue to secure the knots.
Adjust the ends of the T-shirt cord if needed, then tie the ends in a bow or a knot at the back of your neck.

TiedyeWrappedNecklace2 generation-t.com


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