Tuesday, May 12

Canvas Stencil Art

Canvas Art is a great way to express exactly how you feel.
 Making these easy little pieces of art for someone
 interjects a  piece of your energy and soul into the gift.
Now every time they look at it they will think of you.
 What a great way to remind someone of how much they mean to you.

Tulip has the perfect flexible stencil, paint and crystals 
to make this project  easy to create and really POP. 

Things you Need

 Blank Canvas Wal-mart,or
Paper Plate
 These Tulip stencils are one of my all time favorite Stencils,
 they are flexible and they have a sticky back,
which makes the stencil crisp and clean with no leaks.
 Plus they are re-useable which is a super bonus
You can find them HERE.
 Center your stencil on your canvas.
Place it down and rub it to seal the edges.
 Place your Tulip paint on a paper plate.
 Paint over your stencil.
While your color is still wet you can sprinkle a little glitter
 over the wet paint for a litter extra glam and sparkle.

 I also added a few crystals with some Fabric Fusion glue 
to make the crown appear to have real stones in it.

 Let dry completly

 I made all of these in less than an hour.
A super easy personal gift with a little of your soul in it.
I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.
Lots of <3,
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