Thursday, July 2

3 Fun and Funky Ways to Update a Thrift Store Vase with Tie-Dye

Cotton clothesline might be one of my favorite craft mediums. You can wrap it in yarn, paint it and now I have discovered dying it. So versatile and fun, who would ever think to use this stuff just for laundry when it is possible of so much more.

– Cotton clothesline
– Thrifted vases
– Scissors
The first thing I did was cover my vases with a thick layer of Tacky Glue. You can use a brush, but real crafters use their fingers.
While your glue is still wet wrap your vases in clothesline. Try to get your coils as tight as possible. Feel free to go all the way to the top, just the middle or perhaps just the lower half.
Make sure your glue is dried completely and then get ready to dye. I found that if you dampen the rope before adding dye it works a little better.
How you dye your vase is completely up to you. I experimented with three different options. This first vase I wanted a traditional tie-dye look. I wet the cording slightly and applied pink, orange and yellow die in a spotty manner. The colors bled together naturally since the cording was wet to give it the tie-dye look.
I did a dry dye technique on this vase. Using Teal, Turquoise and Blue Tulip Tie-Dye I splattered the vase. Don't worry if you get some on the glass it wipes right off. Without wetting my rope my dye splatters kept their shape rather than blending.
I couldn't forget an ombre dye job. First I wet the rope and then dyed the entire vase yellow. Next I added lime to the lower half. While all the dye was still wet I added my darkest green to the bottom. I tilted my vase upside down for a bit to let the colors blend a bit more.
It is hard to pick a fave, but if I had to I'd go with the vase my daughter Tallulah made alongside me.
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