Friday, June 12

Starbucks employees love our Tie Dye!

Today, while making a much needed coffee run to Starbucks, one of our team members, Gloria Bottaro, spotted her barista wearing a tie dye shirt.

When she inquired more about the tie dye creation, she found out that one of the baristas had made tie dye shirts for that store's entire crew using our One-step Tie Dye! How freakin' cool is that? What a fun and easy way to show unity and add a little more color and spirit to the workplace!! Gloria snapped a pic of her barista wearing a shirt made with the Tulip® Ultimate One-Step Tie Dye Kit™.

If you create your own tie dye shirts or clothing as part of a sleepover, kid's camp, or work or school activity, please share them with us. E-mail us at and attach your project! Welove to see what you make! You might just be featured here on our blog and other social media sites :)

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