Tuesday, June 2

www.ilovetocreate.com at Maker Faire 2009

starting off the day! Notice the organization!
We had a blast in our booth at Maker Fair SF Bay Area 2009! There was a LOT of creativity spreading in our booth! There was definitely an element of inspiration surrounding us that could be felt by all in attendance!

The booth itself was packed all day long. Many times, people had to be put on a waiting list in order to do one of the glittery Crafty Chica™ canvases, time capsule tins, or memory journals. No one wants to see a glitter fight break out! Hee hee. Everyone seemed really enthusiastic with their creations and to be working with our fab products. It was so cool to see a 75 year old woman sitting next to a 3 year old working on the same project! We love to see people create and unite in their creativity!

Check out some of our pics from the day!

busy bees!
We were non-stop busy! It was crazy!

Hard at work to start day 2!
Mandy, Maya, and Kathy were hard at work preparing for the crafters!

supplies to die for!
Our products filled the tables!

canvases ready to be handed out.
Crafty Chica™ created 300 of these canvases for people to do! The cupcake and chihuahuas ran out first.

happy maya
Maya did tie-dye demos and was totally rockin' it!

collage is crazy!
What a mess! It just means people were inspired and in the words of Martha, "It's a good thing!".

It was a super busy, inspiring 2 days and we are so glad we were able to connect with makers of all kinds. As we were closing down on Saturday, one lady said, "What a nice way to end our day at the Faire!" We are so appreciative to all those who attended and crafted with us!

If you want to see more of our Maker Faire pics, click here to see our Flickr Photostream.

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