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Designer of the Month - Gabriela Delworth

Each month, here on the iLoveToCreate blog, we will putting the spotlight on fabulous artists and crafters who love to create! This month, we got in touch with crafty queen Gabriela Delworth and asked her a few questions to get to know her style, sensibilities, and crafty expertise! Here's what she had to say!

So Gabriela, what do you love to create?
I love creating a variety of things but my favorite medium is paper.

Do you have a favorite iLoveToCreate product that you can’t live without? How do you use it in your projects?
There are many ilovetocreate products on my list of favorites. Let’s start with the products I use to design my altered Marie Antoinette T-Shirts: I use Tulip® Photo Transfer Paper™ to transfer images onto T-Shirts. I use Tulip® Mini Fashion Iron™ to iron paper transfer images on T-Shirts. I use Tulip® 3D Fashion Paints, Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ and Aleene's® Fabric Fusion™ to embellish them. And I use Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue® on my paper crowns, tiaras and all my paper projects.

Marie Antoinette T-Shirt with embellishments!

What’s your favorite project that you’ve created?
I am really happy with the way my altered Marie Antoinette T-Shirts turned out.

A pretty detail of her shirt.

Tell us about a time when you found inspiration in a very unlikely place.
I have to say that inspiration comes to me from many different sources, but the most unlikely would he the supermarket! There are enough colours and shapes to “dream” multiple craft projects at this place.

As we’ve seen on, not all projects go our way.
Tell us about a Project that you created that went terribly wrong.

I guess not allowing glue to dry completely on paper has been my “terrible wrong” experience.

What’s the best crafty tip you have up your sleeve?
My best crafty tip would be to be open and try different materials and products.
There is always a new technique or trend to be discovered.

Lots of crafty tips can be found on Gabriela's web site. Check out her great tutorials!

You have some mad crafty skills, but whose crafty skills do you admire?
I admire people that can sew and knit.

Based on your blog, it is evident that you are a very busy lady! How do you juggle the TV appearances, classes, cooking, and crafts that you do? What’s your secret?
My secret is to be organized and plan activities ahead of time. (Check out Gabriela on Youtube here)

You have great photos on your blog. What advice do you have for photographing your work for other bloggers?
My advice would be to invest in a good digital camera to start. And then practice or take photography lessons if possible.

Your gift wrap designs are impressive. What are some everyday supplies that you can recycle that are simple gift wrap solutions (like the cupcake wrapper rosettes)? We as well as many of our blog readers love recycled crafts!
I believe that “presentation is everything” and always try to transfer that on my gift wrap designs. Recycling and re-purposing is very important to me. I love to collect and save a variety of disposable materials. Some of them are cardboard, fabric trims, paper of all kinds, plastic, etc.

A beautiful gift wrap design by Gabriela. See more of Gabriela's gift wrapping samples here.

Thanks Gabriela for sharing with us! If you would like to be the iLoveToCreate Blog Designer of the Month, send us an e-mail at and share with us links or attachments of your work using iLoveToCreate products! We are looking for artists of all kinds from ceramicists to Chicano art lovers crafters who create in steampunk style!

Thanks for stopping by!

5 comments: said...

Gabriela is so inspiring! She's a crafty super woman. I always try to channel her when I'm wrapping a gift. Thanks so much for a great interview with one of my favorite crafty people!

Marina Capano said...

Gabiela is great artist! She has big talent!

Thanks so much for a great interview


Bridget said...

Bravo Gabriella!!Nice to know more abooooout you!

Bridget said...

Sorry for the "ooooo"!!

Anonymous said...

oooooh...I am definitely going to try a gabriela-inspired gift wrap next time...soooo beautiful and unique!

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