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iLoveToCreate Teen Halloween Party Invitation by Margot Potter

Free Halloween Craft Project
Halloween Hootenanny Party Invitation
Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter for iLoveToCreate Teens

If your teen isn’t into the spookier side of Halloween, here’s a super cute retro party invitation they’ll love! Stack up layers of vintage and new paper and add a printed invitation and you’re good to go! These are and fun to throw together, so making a whole bunch won’t be a problem. If you’re into upcycling his is a great way to use up your scrap paper!

King & Queen Font 14pt. (
White computer paper
Old book pages
Bright orange cardstock
Acid green cardstock
Black and silver patterned scrapbook paper
Sizzix Hello Kitty Bigz Daisies die
Aleene’s Tacky Glue Stick
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Word processing software
Bone folder
Paper cutter
Sizzix Big Shot
Fiskars 1.5” circle squeeze punch
Fiskars 1.5" scalloped circle squeeze punch
Fiskars 1/4” diameter circle hand punch
Round standard size dinner plate

1. Type out the following in 14pt. into a Word document. Center the title and left margin the info: It’s a Halloween Hootenanny!

2. Print and allow ink to dry. Cut into 4”x4” square using a paper cutter.

3. Cut a 12”x6” sheet of acid green cardstock on your paper cutter.

4. Find and mark the center point of the width of the paper. Use a bone folder to fold and crease paper so the ends meet in the center.

5. Starting at the top corner of the folded paper, center and angle a ruler to mark the tufts. This angle should be 1.5” in length. Use a dinner plate to mark a rounded space between the tufts; this is the top of the owl’s head. Cut out tufts and top of owl head.

6. Mark the bottom of the folded paper edge to edge using the plate. Cut out bottom of owl head.

7. Use Sizzix Big Shot to cut large Hello Kitty flower with vintage book paper. Use same die to cut black patterned paper into a smaller flower.

8. Cut a small dot using a hole punch with a ¾” diameter.

9. Use Fiskars punch to cut out a 1/5” circle in the orange cardstock.

10. Use glue stick to stack and layer papers, starting with the old book flower, the orange circle, the black patterned flower and the green dot. Glue flowers to the cardstock base.

11. Hand cut a 7/8”x5/8” owl beak, this is shaped like a guitar pick!

12. Adhere half of the beak to one side of the slit in the paper using Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky glue.

13. Adhere your pre-cut invitation into the center of the inside of your card.

14. Cut a triangle shaped segment of patterned paper (this will fit between the eyes at the top of your card.)

15. Trace the back of the top of the triangle so it fits the rounded head of the owl. Cut out.

16. Make a cut the triangle in half starting at the center point so it fits on each side of the card split. Adhere to card with Tacky Glue so the points meet up.


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