Tuesday, October 27


It's TERRORIFIC TUESDAY, and I almost forgot to post this project for you.... It's a:


I had so much fun designing this with a Twilight theme. At the iLoveToCreate studios, we have tons of old mannequins. These hands were laying on a shelf, just asking to be used in an unbelievably unique way.

So.... I grabbed an unfinished wooden box and painted it black. Then I found 4 huge beads to glue onto the bottom of the box with Aleene's Liquid Fusion. I rubbed the edges with silver rub-n-buff to give it an antiqued look.

I crystalized the glass apple (from the Dollar $tore) with an unbelievable amount of Tulip Crystals. I used the Aleene's Liquid Fusion again. I laid the apple in a martini glass to be able to turn it for different angles, and glued crystals in small areas at a time and let it set before moving on to another area, until the entire glass apple was covered with crystals. It looks delicious, but don't BITE it! teehee....

The last step was to assemble the mannequin hands on top with the crystalized apple and glue them into place the the Aleene's Liquid Fusion. I used a couple of bottles to lean the hands on, until the glue was totally set. I added a black satin bow where the wrists connect. That's it!

There you go.... a great Halloween project. Or, if you are a Twilight fan, or a Snow White fan, or you just love apples.... this is a great project for YOU....

Have a TERRORific TUESday!


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