Monday, October 26

ScaRY 3-D SpiDeR WeB and BloOdY NeCklacES

Our Content Editor and Brand Specialist Chloe Tatro, is modeling the slasher necklace that took about 5 minutes to make. And if you're like us,  you're looking for a fast and easy "costume" for Halloween. So, I came up with this crazy idea to create costume necklaces. You'll never believe that is only Tulip 3-Dimensional Slick Paint a.k.a. Puffy Paint.  That's all!!!
EeeeeeEeeEeeeK! Chloe's neck has been slashed!
The guys in the marketing department got into it, too. Nate Hough's neck was just the right size for a bigger squeeze of Tulip 3-D Paint to come oozing out in a bloody disguise.
Here's what you need:
– Teflon Sheet or freezer paper

Here's what you do:
Draw a circle of paint the same size as your neck, and then draw the paint into bloody drips on the sheet. I let it dry overnight to be sure that it's good and dry. Then put it around your neck and connect the ends together. They will stick together, but if you are very active, you may want to hold it together with a safety pin.

Here's another variation on  of my Tulip 3-D Paint necklaces made to look like a creepy spider web! See the video tutorial below for full instructions!  You can get the pattern here.
Here's what you need:
– Teflon Sheet or freezer paper
– Pattern (download it here)

Here's what you do:
The spider web is done the same way with Tulip 3-D Black Slick Paint. Be sure that you connect it completely together so that none of the web falls down. You know, you could also paint a web on a shirt using this idea and have a permanent spider web to wear year after year.

Here's my video outlining exactly what you do!  It's so fun and easy.

Hey, thanks to Chloe and Nate for your necks….

Happy Halloween!



Anonymous said...

That is beyond brilliant!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it! I can't wait to try this- my costume doesn't necessarily need this but I want one any way.

Akanksha said...

Great..This is excellant. the above necklace are looking very diffrent from others. Good work Man !
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Soleil said...

Would this work with wax paper?

ilovetocreate said...

Yes, it would work on wax paper.

Miki said...

i'm trying to find this product on your website, but when I click the link it just leads to ALL of your products, but not this one. I'd like to know if it is available retail or do I have to order it online, and price.

Sacred Yoli said...

This rawks!

Anonymous said...

How does this tie up at the back?

Anonymous said...

Can you believe someone is selling these for $15 a piece on ebay? Wish I had found this site before we did "Sweeney Todd". Would have been perfect for the finale.

Katie Jean said...

have you made a mask with this stuff??

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