Wednesday, December 23

Santa Baby Beards


Every month I get together with a bunch of mom friends for a little, baby play date and adult camaraderie. We rotate houses and this month it was my turn. Because it's the holidays I thought it might be fun to set-up a craft table with the fixings for Santa Baby Beards. We set up a blanket with toys, rotated baby wrangling duties and whipped up a little holiday hilarity that perhaps, only a mama could love.

Try this craft in your own home either made for baby or by an older child. I'd be willing to wager if you leave a picture of your cutie-pie Kringles near the cookies for the Big Guy, he'll leave an extra little something in his biggest fans stockings!

Crafting Table

Craft Felt
Cotton Balls
Baby Elastic
Needle & Thread
Marking Pen

Fiona supervising her mom's work.
  • Trace template onto felt. Cut out.
Noelle, Susann and Jennifer, partaking in holiday craftiness.
  • Glue cotton balls onto felt front. Let dry.
  • Measure elastic from baby's ear-to-ear. Subtract 1 " and cut. Hand sew to top of both sides of beard piece.
  • Sit back and enjoy the wonderment in your baby's, bear-wearing face.
Clover & Quinn

I mean seriously, look at the joy! This is what Christmas is all about; the merriment of babes.

Happy holidays!,

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