Friday, January 15

Pretty Peso Frame

Do you have a can of old coins hanging around? I did. I used them to make this frame go from blah to bam! By the way, if you ever want to remove the coins undamaged, you can.

What you need:

- Old chunky frame
- Crafty Chica™ Little Chica Paint Packs™
- sandpaper
- assorted old coins
- Liquid Fusion™ Clear Urethane Glue

First you want to take a chunky wood frame and distress it with a meat tenderizer, etc. Choose four-five colors of contrasting Crafty Chica paint colors and apply them TWICE, one, by one, letting each coat dry in between layers. Now use the sandpaper over the whole thing - you want to bring up those different layers of paint colors. Distress the frame more and sand more. Think you are done? Sand again. OK, now glue on the coins. You're done, mama!


Molly said...

I must tell you how much I enjoy every one of your projects. You really make us open our eyes and break out of the boring and jump into the exciting. Thank you for that. I now live in S.D. but I was born and lived in Texas until 2004. My MS dictated that I had to move to a much colder climate. I remember cold in Texas!! You have a great weekend and necer stop creating....pleez!!

Zura said...

Love this idea, but I had to tell you... I saw the link on Twitter and I read it as "pesto frame" and was thinking it was some sort of pasta glued on a frame. (I dont' really know what pesto is, obviously). I like the pesos better :)

Tess said...

HA, Ha, This is so funny. JUast like Zura I read "Pesto" too.
Cool frame.....

Anonymous said...


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