Friday, March 5

Jingle Jangle Jewelry

All this month in honor of March being National Craft Month, we will be bringing you a cool craft idea on this blog to inspire you! This week, all the projects are Awesome Accessories! Enjoy!

Recycle and you’ve got something new! Take apart an old necklace or other jewelry to create this unique ensemble. The Aleene’s® Jewelry & Metal Glue is perfect for gluing metal to metal and metal to leather!

Aleene's® Jewelry & Metal Glue™
Freezer paper
Assorted chains
Needle nose pliers
Necklace closure
Leather sheet scrap, brown
Metal pieces: circles, leaves, and medallion - Cheryl took apart a purchased necklace
Wire cutters
Leather lacing
Beads, assorted sizes – colors to coordinate
3/8” antique gold jump rings
Wire, 24-gauge gold
Earring wires
Large semi-precious stone
Soldering wire
Seed beads, desired color
Round nose pliers

1. Take necklace apart saving all jump rings and chains. Lay large leaf on leather sheet then cut around shape, leaving a scant ¼” border. Lay medium metal circle on leather and cut exact size.
2. Use wire cutters to cut a 4” length from soldering wire. Use needle nose pliers to form swirl to fit leaf, trimming ends as needed.
3. Lay swirl on hard surface such as concrete, marble etc. Use hammer to flatten.
4. Cover a small piece of cardboard with freezer paper, shiny side up. Tape edges to back.
5. Lay lace medallion on covered surface. Carefully apply a thin bead of Jewelry & Metal Glue to back of large circle then press onto center of medallion. The freezer paper will allow medallion to be removed when dry.
6. Squeeze a thin bead of glue around inside of circle then press in small beads. Glue stone in center. Apply glue to tips of metal leaves then press in place layering as shown. Let dry.
7. Glue small circle to leather round. Let thoroughly dry. Use awl to create holes along opposite sides on inside of ring. Insert jumps rings and close. Squeeze glue into center of ring then pour in seed beads. Lightly press with finger. Let dry. Any beads not adhered can be shaken out.
8. Apply a thin bead of glue to sections on back of larger leaf. Carefully press onto leather. Glue flattened swirl in place. Glue small beads in swirl. Let dry.
9. Use wire to create wrapped loops on some beads. Insert wire, form loop with round nose pliers then wrap excess around a few times close to bead. Use wire cutters to trim excess. Use awl to form a small hole at end of large leaf. Insert wire of bead through hole of bead then form wrapped loop.
10. Assemble necklace by adding sections of chain connecting with jump rings as needed. Thread lacing as shown and add closure.

1. Glue filigree leaf to leather. Let dry. Trim edges. Create solder wire swirl and flatten. Glue in place.
2. Glue circle to other leaf, glue bead in place then fill in remainder with seed beads. Let dry.
3. Add a bead to each with a wrapped loop. Make a wrapped loop at other end then insert earring wires.


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