Monday, March 8

Lime Green Flip Flops

Decorate inexpensive flip-flops for every outfit in your closet.

Lime Green Flip Flops
Designed by Cheryl Ball

– Tulip® One-Step Fashion Dye™
Green & Turquoise
SC228 Shimmering Teal
– Aleene's® Quick Dry Tacky Glue™
– Appliqué (2)
– Paper towels
– White Muslin Fabric, 1 yard
– Flip-Flops, Neon Green
– Scissors
– String

1. Prewash fabric. Do not use fabric softener in washer or dryer.
2. Cut two 10” x 30” strips of the fabric.
3. Cover work surface with plastic and then cover with three or four layers of paper towels.
4. Wearing gloves provided, fill dye bottle with water. Replace cap tightly. Shake until dye is completely dissolved.
5. Lay the fabric on the prepared surface then crumple fabric following the package instructions.
6. Squeeze random areas with the Turquoise and Green. Squirt Turquoise on the Green to blend colors. Turn the fabric so all parts get dyed.
7. Wrap in plastic. Let set about 4 - 6 hours.
8. Rinse fabric until water runs clear.
9. Wash and dry fabric following instructions.
10. Cut a 1” x 30” strip of fabric. Cut one end at an angle and apply a bead of glue. Press to the underside at one end of the strap. Start wrapping the fabric around strap adding glue as it is being wound. Match pieces to the underside if another strip is needed. Continue wrapping both straps.
11. Cut 10 – 1” by 6” pieces of dyed fabric. Stack together. Tie a piece of string around the center, pulling tightly to create the pom pom. Make another. Snip the fabric lengthwise about ¼” apart almost to the knot.
12. Squeeze a bead of glue to the back knot and glue in place on the strap. Glue on appliqué.
13. Add Shimmering Teal dots to the sides of shoe. Let dry.

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