Wednesday, March 24

Robbit Plushies!

Robbit Plushies!

Rabbits are nice but robots are (dare I say) cooler--this year add a little techie love to a traditional bunny to make the kids a Robbit plushie for their Easter basket! Here's how.


Grey Felt
Poly or Bamboo Stuffing
Sewing Machine & Grey Thread
Fashion Graffiti Fabric Paint Tagger (in either color: Soho, Merge or Taxicab)
Fine Tip Paint Brush
Optional: Embroidery Needle & Floss (Silver & Light Blue)
Optional: Wooden Skewer

  • Cut front & back pieces for the head, body, legs, arms & ears (see photo below for examples.)
  • Use Fabric Paint Tagger to color in the center of the front ear pieces, and a square on the front body piece. Let dry.
  • Use Fabric Marker to draw a robot-y face on front head piece and the frequency modulator line on the body front.
  • Using needle & floss, embroider detailing on the body & eyes (optional).
  • Sew Robbit together using a top stitch & 1/4" seam allowance; stuffing all pieces (except the ears) as you go along.
Note: If you don't want your Robbit to be all flopsy-mopsy, insert a wooden skewer through the stuffing in the body & head.

Blue Robbit
Blue Robbit

Pink Robbit
Pink Robbit

Yellow Robbit
Yellow Robbit

Beep-beep, hippoty-hop--Happy Easter!



Unknown said...

I don't know why is it they are always giving me plushies during my birthdays. It's kinda weird but its cute.

Anonymous said...

These plushies are so good! Hope it was a great Easter for you. Best of luck to you!

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