Thursday, July 1

Beachy Fedora Makeover

As I mentioned earlier this week my fam just returned from a trip to the Texas Coast. It's hard for me to believe it, but I came home empty handed. That's right even after perusing cheesy tourist shops I didn't buy a thing. However, there was one item that keeps haunting me - a painted fedora. The hat was by Roxy and super duper cute, but alas the price tag was not so cute. I snapped a few pictures because I knew at home I had an arsenal of Tulip fabric paint and a plain straw fedora just begging for a beachy makeover.

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
Square Paint Brush
Straw Fedora
Liquid Fusion Glue
Black Ribbon

If I had been able to put my hands on some painters tape I might have adorned this hat slightly differently. However, the tape was on the lamb so I free handed my stripes. This is where the square shape of your paint brush bristles comes in very handy. I studied the picture of the dreamy hat from the souvenir shop and mimikied the same stripes pattern. Allow your stripes to dry in-between coats.

Measure a piece of black ribbon. Attach to hat using Liquid Fusion Glue.

All that is left for me to do is wait for a sunny day or my next trip to the beach and sport my new and improved fedora.


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