Wednesday, July 7

Decopauged Delights

Get the whole family together for an activity that’s full of colorful fun fit for a storybook! Give these little “pets” lots of personality with bright fabrics, tissue papers and Collage Pauge™ Instant Decoupage.

Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage
– Decorative edge scissors
– Tissue paper in various colors
– Foil
– Foam brush
– Hole punch
– Small to medium-sized cat and dog figurines
– Fabric of your choice

1. Using decorative edge scissors, cut fabric of your choice into 2” x 2” squares.
2. Squeeze a large puddle of Matte Collage Pauge™ onto foil. Dip dry foam brush into adhesive and working in small sections at a time, apply evenly onto dog figurine. Immediately place a fabric square into adhesive on dog then brush a coat of adhesive over top of fabric piece.
3. Repeat step until entire dog is covered, overlapping fabric squares as shown. Make sure to secure fabric around curves and features of figurine to preserve details. Let dry completely.


1. Tear tissue paper into 2” x 2” pieces.
2. Using hole punch, punch out circles from a contrasting color of tissue paper.
3. Squeeze a large puddle of Sparkle Collage Pauge™ onto foil. Dip dry foam brush into adhesive and working in small sections at a time, brush an even coat onto cat figurine. Slightly crumple tissue strip and place into adhesive on cat. Use foam brush to add more adhesive over top of tissue piece. Place another piece of tissue in place, slightly overlapping the first, then brush over with adhesive.
4. Repeat steps over remainder of cat, working on and around any curves and features to preserve details. Add several layers of Collage Pauge™. Let dry.
5. When adhesive on cat is dry, randomly place punched dots on surface. Add another coat of Glossy Collage Pauge™ over top of dots. Let dry.

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