Thursday, September 9

'Roped In' Shirt and Sweater

Get roped into creating great fashion! Turn a cardigan and sweater into a nautically nice set with Tulip® One-Step Dye™, cording and Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™.

Materials List:

Cover work surface with Surface Cover. Wet tank top and wring dry. Place on prepared surface, slightly crumpling fabric.
2. Wearing gloves from dye box, fill dye bottle with water to indicated line. Shake until thoroughly mixed.
3. Squeeze dye onto tank top, squeezing and turning fabric until dyed. Cover dyed fabric with plastic wrap to keep damp. Let set 6 to 8 hours or longer for most intense color. Rinse dyed fabric under warm running water until all extra dye is removed and water runs clear. Fill washer to large load setting with hottest water suitable for fabric and small amount of laundry soap. Wash separately. Dry in dryer.
4. Insert foil in between layers of tank top if Fashion Form is too wide. Use chalk to lightly draw desired swirling design around neckline of tank top or as shown. Starting at back of top and working in short sections at a time, squeeze a thin line of Fabric Fusion along chalk line then press cording into glue. Continue around neckline.
5. Trim ends of cording so they butt together, adding glue at end and pressing together. Hold cording in place with sewing pins if needed. Let dry.

Insert Fashion Form into sweater. Use chalk to lightly trace on desired swirling design.
2. Starting at back of sweater, glue cording along lines, ending at back. Repeat steps at sleeves. Let dry completely.
3. Refer to label for washing directions.

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