Monday, November 15

black and white numbers pillow tutorial


I love ANYTHING black and white and when I set out to plan my blog project for ilovetocreate this month, I knew it HAD to be black and white and it had to be another pillow (I truly have a pillow addiction!) As I have mentioned in previous posts, our house (not my studio) is all white with black accents and a few pops of color. I like to change up the pillows on our white couch and for a while I've had the idea to create a very bold and graphic pillow with lots of contrast.


I started with a black t-shirt. I needed dark fabric and wasn't in the mood to go the store so I upcycled an old t-shirt!

I cut it into a square.

I decided to use Tulip's "spirit" iron on transfers. A product that would typically get used for clothing or more athletic themed projects were PERFECT to use in a completely different way.

I cut them out and placed them around the fabric in different directions.

I ironed each of the numbers onto the surface.

Once they were cool, I peeled the backing off.



Next, I pinned the front and back wrong sides facing together and sew the edges down.

I turned the pillow right side out, stuffed and sewed the opening together.

And there you have it- a black and white pillow to add to my lovely collection of pillows.

p.s. it even matches our cat Jack :)

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Katie | said...

LOVE this! It looks GREAT on your couch!

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