Thursday, March 31

Brooch Bouquet Topiary

I have a large collection of pins that don't do much of anything except collect dust.  Recently I was inspired by some adorable bridal bouquets I saw on the Amy Atlas blog and thought there has to be a more creative way to display my collection.  Out of the jewelry box and onto the dining room table is what today's I Love to Create post is about.

Craft Moss
Terra Cotta Pot
Collection of Pins
Foam Topiary
Floral Pins

Foam topiary bases come in various sizes and shapes.  I chose a double stacked model since I have a lot of pins.  I found mine in the floral department of my local craft store.  As you might guess they come pretty plain looking, so I needed to fix that.  I used Crafty Chica paint in green to cover the wooden poll in-between the foam balls.

Once my green poll was dry I started inserting my collection of vintage pins into the foam.  Occasionally I used floral pins to help really anchor things down.  I could have used glue, but there is that off chance that I might want to wear one of these pins again some day.

I'm a big fan of using oddball objects as planters, but the base of this topiary was made to fit inside a terra cotta pot.  A plain brown pot was not a fitting home for my colorful collection of pins so I busted out the Crafty Chica Paint.

I needed to hide that icky green foam so a little Liquid Fusion Glue and some moss fixed that right up.

Once my pot was dry I placed my topiary inside.  Now I have a colorful floral display that shows off my collection way better than any jewelry box and the best part is it never needs watering.  Do you have a slew of pins?  Got any other fun suggestions about how to display them?

Looking for some other fun ways to display your collections?  What about wearing them?

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Unknown said...

Really neat! I like it and I have a pile of brooches too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Hugs XX

Jennifer Perkins said...

Glad you like Barbara. We are going to make a bunch of them for centerpieces and bouquets at my sister's wedding. I'm gonna need a lot of brooches.

Jill said...

This is a really cute and original idea...i'm going to link your post to my blog and share with my followers!
~ Jill from 'Just dream, Jelly Bean!'

Jennifer Perkins said...

Thanks Jill that would be awesome.

Intellectual Property Lawyer said...

I love it! This would be such a colourful addition to any home.

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