Friday, March 4

iLTC featured on ABC30!

We are thrilled to have been featured on Made in America, showing our products that are made right here in Fresno, California!

From the article:
"I Love to Create" formerly Duncan Ceramics in east central Fresno, manufactures dozens of products onsite.

You may recognize this little gold bottle of tacky glue. If you happen to have one of these in the drawer in your kitchen, you are supporting "Made in America" because this glue was made right here in Fresno California."
40% of "I Love to Create's" products are made in Fresno. The other 60% are made mostly in China.

Marketing Director Alyson Dias said, "As a manufacturer, that would be a dream to us, we would love to manufacture only here in Fresno, it's just not a reality based on the consumers purchasing behavior."

 You can read more about it here!

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