Monday, March 7

March is National CRAFT MONTH

In accordance with the Craft and Hobby Association, March is National Craft Month.
Created in 1994, it was designed to help people learn about and
re-discover the joy of crafting and all its many benefits.

You'll see this sign in your local craft stores and find lots of project ideas, classes, super sales, and inspiration this month as all of us crafty peeps join together to celebrate crafts!

Tie Dyed Bridesmaid

At the national Craft and Hobby Association's
Craft Place website
you'll find tons of projects from everyone in the industry,
including this Tie Dyed Bridesmaid Dress we designed for  iLoveToCreate,
along with dozens more fabulous ideas.

So, spread the word and throw a craft event this month to share your love for crafting...

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